Grief over my husband's death.

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68 years old female grief over my husband,sister&brother who all died a month apart.can't eat or sleep so depressed & alone.what can I do?what to theory i stopped wasn't helping meds made me tired.

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Hi, sorry for your loss. You seem to suffer post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a disorder characterized by experiencing dramatic events. What meds did you use that were ineffective? You may need to talk to a therapist and take some time to travel. Time will heal everything.

Ho much time. My son passed away fou years ago and I just can't get over it
Hi patti. I'm so sorry to hear that. You must love your son very much, and so does he love you. But no one can live forever. You know, sometimes we just have to let them go, and life still moves on.
Grief is an inevitable part of our life and the loss of someone can often hit us than we expect. We all know that death is the final destination of everyone, so we have to accept the fact. It is vital that you stay connected with others during this time and don’t grieve alone. Be patient with yourself, allow yourself to feel whatever you feel and do something creative to express your feeling. If you are really struggling, seeking professional grief counseling is essential for you.

I‘m so sorry to hear that. Grief is an ordinary response to the loss of the one you love. I’ve such feelings when my grandma passed away. Loneliness, sadness and desperation gathered together and it lasted for a long time. It’s helpful to talk with friends and try to be grateful for what you have. BUT easier said than done, it’s tough to go through, I know.

Take care of yourself, and seek support, really hope you well!

Hi, a user from our HTQ Facebook Page sends her message:
Dear sweet child of God, know that your loved unconditionally and your loved ones. who crossed over the veil before you, are watching over you and preparing a grand welcoming upon your rejoining them when your chosen time comes to be. Know that unconditional love , forgiveness and wisdom of truth make it easier to ascend , thus releasing any karmic debts you came in this lifetime to clear away. All the love and joy you shared with your loved ones who went home ahead of you will be met. with a grand celebration when you arrive to meet them in the most glorious and colorful garden that will make your heart sing and the presence of familiar smiles and comforting souls shall surely remind you of home without question as the laughter and love you eternally share will always be home "OM" HOME....sweet home. No more pain , now once again an angel to watch over those yet still awaiting to come home to your loving arms of comfort and famiar light of love. It is a celebration of your journey back home and a celebration of your eternal bond through many lifetimes you have shared with fond and joyful memories .....the souls eternal bond. NAMASTE
That was such a beautiful statement. I want to pers on nally thank you for that. I can't speak for others but I can say it personally helped me more than I can express. THANK YOU
Hi, we have posted your comment to facebook, and here is the user's feedback: I am happy that my words were found as comfort to you and brought peace to your heart. We are eternal souls that are here to help one another. With love always ❤
In tears... Thank you!

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I am so sorry for your loss but please know you are not alone. They are with you in your heart, the smell of the flowers, soft winds outside and all the memories that come to mind. You will see them again one day and between now and then will be hard take peace in knowing they're waiting for you. Some days will be harder than others but try to send a card to someone else who's hurting or sick. Pray always, God's with you. My mom used to talk to my dad just like she did when he was alive. Try that if you can. It helped her and I hope it helps you through the days ahead. God bless you and may His angels surround you with their loving presence. I'll pray for you as I pray for many others.

Hi Beverly, I am so sorry that you are going through such heartache all at once. You must be a very strong soul, or have a very large mission in life. I have been through so much death and heartache myself over my lifetime, so I know where you are. I know it feels hopeless and overwhelming at times, and it is a long road to recovery.. But there are things that helped me more than others.. The most important thing that helped me is realizing that i'm still here for a reason.. and I made it my mission to find out what that was. Counseling early on didn't help me, I found that every time I shared my story I relived all the pain, making it even more real and overwhelming for me. I got a lot more relief from hypnosis, it helped me separate myself from the pain so i could deal with it easier. and as I healed and the time passed, I found it easier and easier to talk about it and tell my story. I also recently found a new procedure called Ketamine micro drip. This Drug is now being administered under medical supervision, to treat depression, and is also being used in the military to treat stress and PTST. I had these treatments to help deal with all my PTST, grief, and depression. I can tell you, it made a dramatic difference! there are many studies coming out on this treatment that you can look up on the internet. I highly suggest it! it helps change the receptors in the brain, so you can perceive things differently.  I wish you all the strength in the world, and that you heal quickly!