What Is Patent Foramen Ovale?

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Foramen ovale is a hole in the wall between the right and left upper chambers of the heart. When a baby enters the world and takes its first breath, foramen ovale closes. If foramen ovale remains open after birth, then patent foramen ovale occurs. Generally, about 25 percent of normal people have patent foramen ovale and there is no any particular influence on people normally. People often know they have patent foramen ovale when they test other related diseases. 

If you have no symptoms, it often doesn’t need to treat and have restrictions on your activities. But in some circumstances, doctor may recommend to close foramen ovale, such as to treat low blood oxygen levels linked to the patent foramen ovale.
As for the procedures for closure of foramen ovale, doctors may use cardiac catheterization and insert a device to plug patent foramen ovale. Another is of surgical repair, that is, doctors open up the heart and stitch shut the flap-like opening.

Patent foramen ovale refers to the opening of foramen ovale after birth. There are still no clear causes of it, but recently scholars find that unexplained strokes and migraines with aura might be associated with patent foramen ovale