Itching all over body, no rash or dry skin.

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Lasix 10mg daily, zeprexa 10mg bid

94 yrs old female grandmother

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Why did you take lasix? Lasix is a water pill that is often used in those with kidney problems. So do you have any kidney dysfunction? Kidney dysfunciton could cause body ithcing, especially when the kidney problem is severe. What is your creatinine level now?
How do they treat for creative level?
It depends on what causes this creatinine elevation in the first place. For example, if your creatinine elevation is caused by chronic kidney disease, the the creatinine level just can't be lowered. If your creatinine elevation is caused by kidney infection, then doctors would treat you with antibiotics.
Hi Ms. Dee, if you do have chronic kidney disease, this itching means your kidney may not function well enough to pass the waste out of your body, thus you're itching. It means you'd get back to your kidney doctor, test the serum creatinine, see which stage the kidney disease is. You might need to take dialysis if the CKD is in late stge.