Radiation for menengioma brain tumor

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Age 74 female ended half a year ago 27 radiation treatments for menengioma tumor leaning on hearing & balance nerves, but symptoms are getting worse (balance issues, stuffy ear & head, severe fatigue/drowsiness). MRI indicates tumor stopped growing. Will it take longer to feel better? It had grown about 1 mm per month prior to radiation.

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All your symptoms such as balance issues, stuffy ear & head, severe fatigue/drowsiness. These were caused by radition side effects. Once the radiation stops, these symptoms are expected to be improved.
I am concerned that it's been over 6 months since radiation stopped (June 14), and I seem to be getting worse. Should I give it more time, given my age nearly 75. There are no further plausible treatments anyway? The drowsiness is the worst symptom.
6 months is too long. Have you repated the MRI scan during this 6 month stint? Your may need an MRI scan to rule out tumor progression.
Radiation therapy has the side effect of cerebral edema. Now you have ended 27 radiation treatments half a year ago. But your symptoms are getting worse, so you’d bettter take MRI examination again to confirm whether edema exists or not.
I did have an MRI on Sept 30 (having ended radiation on June 14). The tumor did not grow. Is edema visible on an MRI? I sleep a lot, and feel good upon awakening, but 2-3 hrs later my eyes are heavy and I lie down with eyes closed much of the day. Before this started in January I used to be energetic and worked full time.
Yes, edema can be clearly visualized by MRI scans. If your symptoms do not disappear, you need to do repeat MRI scans to rule out the possibility of tumor growth, despite that a MRI scan 3 months ago in Sep did not show tumor growth.