4 Cups of Coffee A Day, No Weight Gain over Christmas

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You know the most difficult part about losing weight is you have to control yourself. You can’t eat much, lie down or sit for a long time, or have high-calorie foods. If I have to find an adjective for that situation, it must be “miserable.”



The only thing I want to say is “why there isn’t a way to lose weight joyfully like gaining it!”


Wait, I found an article, saying “yes, you can.” Scientists claim that drinking four cups of coffee a day over Christmas could save you piling on the pounds.


Science does appear to be the hope of human future. [thumb up]



Quick review about the research



Basically, the scientists did research on mice, and found that caffeine could reduce fat absorption by 22% and reduce weight gain by 16%.


They fed rats a “moderate” carb diet of 40% to 45% carb and 15% protein for 4 weeks. The rats were also fed with caffeine from different sources. The amount of caffeine per serving of the mate tea ranges from 65-130 mg, while in a cup of brewed coffee the figure is 30-300 mg. Researchers also offered the mice with synthetic caffeine and caffeine extracted from coffee.


Regardless of its source, the result showed, caffeine decreased the accumulation of lipids in fat cells by 20% - 41%, which means caffeine-contained beverages can be considered anti-obesity agents.



"The consumption of caffeine from mate or from other sources alleviated the negative impact of a high-fat, high-sucrose diet on body composition due to the modulation of certain lipogenic enzymes in both adipose tissue and the liver." Said the co-author of the study.


Personally, drinking four cups of coffee can really influence my night sleep, so this won’t be my first choice. For those who don’t have the problem, however, this could be a way to lose weight or control weight gain. Of course consuming large amounts of caffeine constantly wouldn’t be a good idea; but it’s holiday time! Maybe a slight indulgence is acceptable. XD


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I’d rather die than be fat anyway. Bring on the heart disease, caffeine!