Just 30 Seconds! Simple Hand Test Tells How Health Your Heart Is

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I myself have been pretty healthy. One of my relatives, however, has serious Myocardial infarction, a cardiovascular disease with which your blood supply to the heart is partly blocked so your heart cells cannot get enough oxygen.



The disease is somehow a genetic one so I always take care of my own heart, even if it’s very normal.


What I want to share with you about is a simple little test that can tell your heart health in less than a minute. I tried this immediately when I read about it and it proved I have a pretty healthy heart. It’s really easy and convenient and can save your trouble to see a doctor.



Things you need:


·         A big bowl or basin that is big enough to fit both of your hands.

·         Cold water (tap water is just fine)

·         Your hands (XD)

·         Optional material: ice




Fill the container up with cold water. If you have ice, add some in it for better results.


Submerge both your hands in the container of water for exactly 30 seconds, and just observe your fingers.






There are two possible results from the test.



Your fingers turn red


Congratulations! This is a good sign. It suggests that you are likely to have no problems related to the oxygenation of your blood, and your heart and blood circulation are both healthy.


When your fingers get cold in the iced water, blood rushes under your skin and make them look red. This indicates the nice condition of your blood circulation and your heart.



Your fingertips appear pale or turn a bluish color


It could indicate that you might have some blood circulation problems. These symptoms can occur when your red blood cells have low oxygen levels.


If this happens, you can warm your fingers or massage them to increase blood circulation to help them return to normal.



This is a very basic test for your heart, though. It cannot be used as a formal diagnosis to any heart disease. If your fingers turn pale or bluish in the test, you can make an appointment with your doctor. And the best thing you can do to protect your heart is have it under regular check.

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