What Makes You Happy? We Asked These People about Living Thankfully

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Family. Friends. Love. Health. Freedom from war and natural disaster. Imagination. Community. A roof over our heads. Common decency. Hope. Opportunity. Memories. Financial stability. Favorite places. Days off work. Good weather. The golden age of television. Books. Music. Ice cream. Weekends. A friendly exchange. Something good that happened today. Something bad that didn't happen today. A good cup of coffee.



I asked my friends about what makes them happy and these many happy moments are listed. I think most people can find some resonance in the heart from these little things in life.



Thankfulness, gratitude, and gratefulness. It’s a characteristic, a personality trait, and a way of living. Research has shown that people who live with an attitude of gratitude can live longer, sleep better, and have increased productivity and happier lives.



It’s not only about the belief or kindness; it’s about your attitude towards life itself, whether you want to offer a hand to others even if you were treated badly, and how peaceful the light in your eyes is when looking at families, friends and strangers.



Only thankful people know how much they’ll gain when being thankful. If you have not tried yet, your next moment is your best chance.



Always pay attention to small things, and express your thankfulness by choice. You choose to be grateful, notice the small help people offer you, and say thank you and smile at them. When they smile back at you, you’ll find out just how beautiful the world is when you are being kind.



Let me end this post by a quotation of Skip Prichard: “When you appreciate the insignificant, you attract the significant.”

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Good health - Waking up an feeling good and energetic.
If I'm tired waking up my legs will feel sore. So if I wake up with no soreness in my legs I'm quite happy.
What makes me happy? Is my own motivation in getting up at least 2 to 3 times a week to walk/Jog. When I'm done walking 3 miles up and running 3 miles back. When finished I feel I met my accomplishment. Not only that but I also feel through out the day a heap of energy soring through my body and mind. I feel like I mastered something and proud of myself.
Good for you! I can never do that
First, although I've numbered these, they're not necessarily in any particular order.

#1. The look on my grandkids faces when they realize it's "Nana" knocking on their door, followed by their shrill's of joy and laughter as I come in the door, and they drag me down to their level to plant numerous kisses on my face, and wrap their small arms around my neck!

#2.  Taking daytime calls from my husband when he's working to hear him say, "I just called to say I love you!"

#3.  When I crawl into bed each night and my husband reads out loud to me the next few chapters of whatever mystery or thriller we've chosen!

#4.  Laying on the beach under the warm sun of whichever Carribean Island we've decided to visit this vacation!

#5.  Still being able to wrap my arms around my almost 90 year old Father and saying, "I love you, Dad" as he hugs me back, and tells me the same.  ❤

#6.  Living with an intractable, excrutiatingly painful, Central, Sympathetic, Parasympathetic nerve condition, and still being able to wake up every morning and be truly GRATEFUL that I am alive!

#7.  Having a husband who adores me, three children who would do anything for me, and five grandchildren who smother me with their giggles, hugs, kisses, and love, leaving me feeling as if I am the MOST Blessed woman in the world!!