What Do You Think of Donald Trump's Exercise Regimen?

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I saw this news report on CNN politics and somehow I find Mr. Trump’s theory on human energy really interesting, so here I come sharing with you guys.



“I get exercise. I mean I walk, I this, I that,“ Trump told Reuters. “I run over to a building next door. I get more exercise than people think.”


So CNN summed up his exercise regimen:


1.      Walking

2.      This

3.      That

4.      Running to building next door

5.      Unspecified number of repetitions



“A lot of people go to the gym and they’ll work out for two hours and all,” Trump said. “I’ve seen people… then they get their new knees when they’re 55 years old and they get their new hips and they do all those things. I don’t have those problems.”


He said something similar in a 2015 New York Times magazine profile: “All my friends who work out all the time, they’re going for knee replacements, hip replacements – they’re a disaster.”


He said that he “exerted” himself fully by standing in front of an audience for an hour, and “that’s exercise.”



In the book Trump Revealed, the reason why he holds this exercise regime was explained:


After college, after Trump mostly gave up his personal athletic interests, he came to view time spent playing sports as time wasted. Trump believed the human body was like a battery, with a finite amount of energy, which exercise only depleted. So he didn't work out. When he learned that John O'Donnell, one of his top casino executives, was training for an Ironman triathlon, he admonished him, "You are going to die young because of this."


The editor of CNN gave it a name called the “battery theory.”



Of course the recommended exercise time for ordinary people is 4-7 times of half-an-hour moderate exercise according to CDC, so at least Trump’s theory does not suit everyone.


I don’t mean to support or criticize his battery theory, but think it really interesting and would like to know how you guys think of it.



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Most people know that clinical studies are probably better than "hunches" to make medical decisions.
Can you say "Can't fix stupid"
can't fix stupid
I agree.  You can't fix stupid and Trump is STUPID.
You hide your name, your ashamed of your statement. That states, whom is stupid.
You hide your name; your ashamed of your statement. This only states whom the stupid person is. President Donald Trump is a terrific Pateriot for our nation.
Morrison, Thank you for your comment. I agree with you. President Donald Trump has been a terrific pateriot to our nation. Nobody is perfect,And to ridicule someone who has done things for this country that know other Presidents,have ever accomplished, in the history of America. I would like to see any of these people who bad mouth others so easily ,take on 1 week in that persons shoes. Before they open there mouth about someone's intelligence.
fat ass orange piece of shit
When  you dont have anything intelligent to say it shows your the ass.
45! Best President since Reagan & JFK! A true American Patriot
So true!
I Agree 45 Best President Donald Trump Ronald Reagan JF Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln greatest presidents ever
To include this highly abused and morally corrupt juvenile individual with the three (+1= Obama) former Presidents you listed is a travesty to this Country I love, served, & protected... breaks my heart as to where our population has strayed to... Semper Fidelis
Like most of his hallucinations​, dead wrong.
He still going strong, at his age can or will you be able to do what he does?
I hope not!
The only exercise he gets is flapping  his jaw and patting himself on the back.
Id like to give you a thumb up but I can't send emoji here
Glad you agree he has good speeches and is confident. Two things I like about him.
Best President ever. All the Democrats have done nothing but steal money. So have most of the Republicans.
He is our only hope.
You're nothing but a loser to criticize our President, it just proves how jealous and what a failure you are.
Get back in the basement loser..
I am going to disagree because  his battery theory is not going go work so that why it could not work
Somehow it makes sense like the fats around his waist are the battery itself lol
All I know is that President Trump is like an ever ready battery.  I’ve never seen anyone with his energy level.  So whatever works for him, that’s great.

  I however, need to work out every other day doing cardio & weights.  I need to eat well balanced meals & skip all junk food.  But that’s me.  Bottom line, “know yourself & what works for you.”  Be informed, stay healthy & happy.  Trying to make our President look bad reflects poorly on yourself.
Well public celebrities are not the same before and behind the screen. I don't know whether he's showing just the real him or pretending someone else. That's true for all those people in TV.
I think by the way he speaks out we are getting the real him. That's why people like him.
He's in good health. It works for him. Staying active overall is smart. Walking is excellent for entire body. Why not try it.
Some famous person once said that he got his exercise by going to funerals of people who did lots of exercise.
Walking is good for you but he is right about running and heavier exercise like,tennis,lifting weights.They lead to knee,hip replacement.Dr. will tell you this unless they want the surgery money. Glad you walk.
I think it must be working for him, his way of exercising, look at his daily routine at his age.Do we have to look at the core of things about him to find criticism, are you really finally running out of ideas to have people scrutinize him.