My protein in my urine count was 179, is that dangerous?

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I am a 52 year old female i have diabetis and jigh blood pressure

3 Answers

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Is your result 179 mg protein/24 hours urine? If yes, then it is not a big problem. Since you have diabetes which can cause renal impairment, you are suggested to control your blood glucose well and check the renal function regularly.

You are affected by high blood pressure and diabetes. Have you taken medications to control them? Too much protein in urine results from kidney damage. You should control your BP and blood sugar.

The urine protein generally is below 150mg per 24 hours. But even for the healthy people, especially young people, they can have a higher urine protein sometimes. The situation only lasts for a short time, for instance, after intensive exercises. And for the people with diseases including diabetes, low functions in kidney and high blood pressure, they can also have a higher urine protein compared with the common people. Thus the exact amount of protein you need depends on your body size, your nutritional status and your kidney problem. Considering your diabetes and high blood pressure, 179 mg/24 hours may be no big problem. And you can ask a doctor for advice if you're not totally sure about it.