I have a headache chest pain that comes and goes and a shortness of breath ..

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Age is 42 I am a female and I am not on any medication..

I have headache chest pain  that comes and goes and dizziness.. I have been tired for a couple of days now.. should I be worried?

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Yes, you should. How is your blood pressure? Do you have anemia? Do you have a fever? I cannot come up with an explanation that fits all your complaints, but I feel that it deserves more tests, such as head and chest CT scans, and blood tests to make sure that you are OK.

You need go to see a doctor ASAP. There many conditions can result in these signs and symptoms. You should take blood test firstly to confirm whether you are affected by anemia.

I have chest pain n headache
Chest pain and headache are seen in too many diseases. Pain paroxysmal or persistent? Do you have any other symptoms? Such as fever, nausea, vomiting, panic, shortness of breath, etc? Do you have hypertension? Age?
Yes if the headache feels aching it also could be blood clots. I’d start looking up symptoms cuz blood clots come for no reason im struggling to get treatment for mine and I’ve had all types of symptoms Also been told by doctors my headache and dizziness along with other symptoms sounded like it they did some”tests” it was “ “ reassuring “ couldn’t get no paperwork “printer was down “ started looking up symptoms im leaving state to try and get treatment there’s more to my story.... but yes definitely get checked in women could be your heart, blocked artery yes asap
Also all that are symptoms of blood clots as well
You said that the doctors said the tests are reassuring, then do you know which tests? Is the test used to detect blood clot included? If the tests are all negative, then it is unlikely to be blood clot despite that all your symptoms fit.