Treatment for tumor in the urethra tube.

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Female 73 years old diagnosed with two side by side, low grade, papillary,  non invasive,  urothelial carcinoma tumors in the middle length of the urethra tube.

I have been told by an urologist that the only treatment is to remove the urethra tube, a healthy kidney and a small section of the bladder. There seems to be less invasive treatments out there and save my kidney.

2 Answers

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I do not think there is any alternative. Urethral carcinoma is a nasty cancer. In order to remove it surgically, you have to sacrifice your ipsilateral kidney. However, you have another remaining kidney, which is generally sufficient for you.

I think it is better to remove your ipsilateral kidney for decreased risks for relapse and metastasis. And it is standard radical operation. Don’t worry; there is no obvious influence on  life quality if you have only one kidney.