Drinking Nonfat and 1% Milk Makes You 4.5 Years Younger

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Some people are happy with low-fat milk, but some just cannot stand the taste of it. I’m lucky because I belong to the first group, and according to a new study, my habit of drinking low-fat milk can help me live 4.5 years younger.



Research on nearly 6,000 US adults showed that people who drink low-fat (non or 1%) experience several years less biological aging than those who drink high-fat (2% and whole) milk.


So here is how the study went.


What they looked at:


Milk intake frequency (daily drinkers vs. weekly drinkers or less)

Milk fat content consumed (whole vs. 2% vs. 1% vs. skim)



What the standard for comparison was: Telomere length


Telomeres are the nucleotide endcaps of human chromosomes. They act like a biological clock and they’re extremely correlated with age; each time a cell replicates, humans lose a tiny bit of the endcaps. In one word, the longer your telomere length is, the younger you are.



And… the result?


The study showed that apparently, the more high-fat milk people drink, the shorter their telomeres are, meaning the older they are. Comparing people who drink 2% milk and 1% milk, the telomeres of those consuming 1% drink were 69 base pairs longer, which, translated into biological age, was more than 4 years.


So the conclusion is clear: no matter how often or how much milk you drink, you are encouraged to consume low-fat milk, both nonfat and 1% milk, instead of high-fat milk, including 2% and whole milk, as part of a healthy diet and a secret that can make you younger.


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I find it difficult to believe that the current crop of centenarians drank 1% or skim milk during the first half of their lives! I doubt they had been  invented yet!
I'd agree with you, as the US Dept. of Agriculture required to label the fat % since 1977. This can't be a study that tracks people for 100 years, it must be a sample study in the lab.
In fact, what the scientists looked at was not the real "age" of the participants, but their telomere length. Telomere length is highly linked to age, because it's like a biological clock of humans, indicating how long they may live. The shorter the telomere length is, the longer a person may live. People who drank low fat or non fat milk had 69 pairs of shorter telomeres, which could be translated into more than 4 years in additional biological aging.
And there are many factors influencing one's life span, so centenarians do not necessarily drink low fat or non fat milk. Balanced diets, moderate exercises, and good moods can all contribute to longevity.
You DO NOT need to drink dairy milk at all, nor should you. Please know that plant milks taste great. Until I went vegan and tasted almond, soy, oat and all the other milks I never drank it. Now ILOVE MILK. ANYTHING BUT DAIRY. IT IS ALL HEALTIER AND KINDER.