US Declares Public Health Emergency

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Last Friday, Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar declared a public health emergency in the US at a White House Press briefing.




8 confirmed cases and high contagiosity


By Saturday, there have been 8 confirmed cases in the US, 7 in travelers and 1 a human-to-human transmission between a husband and wife.


The disease is now confirmed to be able to transmit among humans via droplets in the air, and it may be able to transmit through fetal-oral transmission, for example, sharing the same drainage with another family where there’s a coronavirus carrier.



People are trying their best to avoid being infected. The demands for masks have exceeded supply in multiple countries and areas across the world, including China, Korea, the UK, etc.


According to ABC News, U.S. citizens returning from Hubei province in the previous 14 days will be subject to up to a 14-day quarantine. Foreign nationals, other than immediate family members of U.S. citizens who have traveled to China in the previous 14 days, will be denied entry into the country. The temporary measures take effect Feb. 2 at 5 p.m.


Americans who've traveled to other parts of China in the previous 14 days will be subject to a health screening upon entry and asked to self-quarantine for up to 14 days.




Flights suspension


Meanwhile Delta Airlines, American Airlines and United Airlines suspended all of their flights to China as coronavirus cases in the country top 11,800. Until Feb 5, Delta flights will continue to operate to ensure passengers who want to leave China to do so. United Airlines flight will suspend from Feb 6. Both American Airlines and United Airlines will end the suspension in late March, while Delta plans to suspend flight starting Feb 6 through April 30.


Experts are working to find out how contagious the virus can be. If it turns out to be highly contagious, it could lead to a number of decisions that could seem pretty draconian.



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11 cases constitutes a national emergency? seriously, is it out of concern for public health and safety or the origin and nationality of individuals involved?
You are telling the truth bro.