I'm a female. Severe pain in left shoulder blade, close to the center of my back.

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I am 52 years old having severe shoulder blade pain close to the center of my back it feels like it's a knot there, just in a lot of pain. It's hard at times to move and taking deep breath it hurts. Please help

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Heart related pain often occurs during activity, emotional activity, or early morning, and your symptoms are less likely to be heart related.

Your pain is related to breathing and may be caused by pleurisy. If you have severe pain, you can take a chest CT scan.           

You also have limited movement, which may be caused by lumbar disc herniation or lumbar strain. It is recommended to have a lumbar MRI.

How much do you weigh? Do you look skinny and tall? When did the pain begin? Is it intermittent pain or persistent pain? Do you have radiating pain in your throat? Have you tried to alleviate it? You'd better make an appointment for CT as soon as possible to eliminate acute pneumothorax.