More Children Infected: Flu Activity Still High

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Quick facts:


· By the beginning of this month, the number of death of children caused by flu has reached 68, according to ABC News.


· CDC predicts that the high flu activity would continue for weeks in the US, and


· 173.3 million doses of flu vaccine have been distributed.



The flu shot this year is not an exact match for the strain that’s been circulating most widely, but it’s still much better than not getting one.


"The influenza vaccine protects against various strains, three or four, depending on which vaccine you receive." Said Dr. William Schaffner, medical director for the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases.


The flu is experiencing a second wave, Dr. Schaffner added. During the first wave the vaccine was not a great match, but now in the second wave, “the vaccine is exactly on target against this strain.”



Useful preventions that can protect you and your family from flu include getting vaccinated, avoiding close contact, staying home when you feel sick, covering your mouth and nose, cleaning your hands rightly, avoiding touching your eyes, nose or mouth, and practicing other good health habits.


More detailed preventions recommended by CDC are listed in this post. CDC: These Healthy Habits Help You Prevent Flu


Since the vaccine can nicely match with the second wave of the flu season, remember to get vaccinated if you haven’t done so. It really works. What’s more, remember to protect yourself, and be in a good mood. All the best to you all!


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