Zero Protection?! More than 50% People Wear A Mask Wrongly!

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When wearing a mask wrongly, the virus- or bacteria-blocking rate can be zero; while when a mask is worn properly, more than 60% of viruses or bacteria can be blocked, according to a Japanese doctor Arata Tomori.



Dr. Tomori raised a slogan in the TV show: “If you don’t fold the mask to half before wearing, it’s pointless.”



By “fold the mask to half,” Dr Tomori taught audiences to fold the mask, press on the bar of metal, and pull it to stretch the overlaps before wearing.




After putting the mask on your face, make sure that there’s no room between the mask and your chin and nose. Press the metal part on the bridge of your nose to make the bar bend just as the shape of your face.





If you don’t press the bar of metal properly, there will be room between the mask and your face to let bacteria and viruses in, so that no protection would be provided. The leak rate of bacteria was 100% when the mask was not worn properly, while only 33.66% when properly worn.



When testing the mask wearing method on 30 randomly chosen people, 17 of them wore the mask wrongly.



If you think you have known how to wear a mask, let’s look at the next question: how to remove a mask?


You may have had the moment when you feel itches on your nose or face when you are wearing a mask, so you scratch your nose or face outside the mask. Or, when you are going to remove the mask, you rubbed the piece of nonwoven fabric into a ball, and throw it to the dustbin like a basketball star.


These actions, however, were also proven wrong, as Dr. Tomori said.


All the bacteria and viruses are on the outside of the mask, and when you touch it, consciously or unconsciously, your hands get contaminated. If you touch your eyes, mouth or nose after that, then all the bad things enter your body through your hands.



When you are about to remove a mask, remember not to touch the outside of it. Fold the mask inside out, and then throw it in the dustbin before washing your hands thoroughly.



Since the flu and 2019-nCoV, or NCP are still out there, the best way to protect yourself and your family would be knowing the right protective methods. Wearing and removing the mask correctly and washing your hands often can undoubtedly help you.


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