What is it when your fingers are numb and tingling? Shocking pains in my fingers. I’m experiencing swollen feet.

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Im 49, black female. My symptoms, It starts when I’m sleeping. I’ve been taking aleve to relieve the pain. I let my arm hang over the bed no luck, I haven’t had a decent night sleep in over 2 weeks. Today I noticed my feet is swollen I’ve elevated them and taking excedrin extra strength but once again no luck....it hurts to type on my phone and hurts to hold my phone.

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Hi Lisa, will you feel better during the daytime? I am thinking you have to go to the hospital for a preliminary check. See a rheumatologist. Possible causes are osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, etc.. Or it might be an early sign of other autoimmune disease. Therefore, an autoantibody panel is necessary.

The pain is in the tip of finger or the joint or the skin? If it is the joint, it may be caused by gout, osteoarthritis, etc.. If it is in the skin, it may be caused by nerve injury. If your finger appears white, it may be caused by vascular disease. Since you pain is severe, you are suggested to see a doctor for diagnosis and treatment ASAP.