I am suddenly experiencing upper right chest, shoulder, and neck pain. I was just sitting. My blood pressure is 160/100.

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I am 58 years of age, female

No RX. Pain in upper right side of chest, neck and shoulder.  B/P 160/100

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Do you have any other symptoms?           

If you have shortness of breath and pain when breathing, it may be caused by pleurisy or pneumothorax. You can do a chest CT scan. 

If you have pain in the anterior area of the heart, it may be caused by angina. You can take an electrocardiogram.                       

If there is limited shoulder movement, which may be periarthritis of the shoulder, an MRI of the shoulder joint can be checked.

And your blood pressure is high. Normal systolic blood pressure is between 90 and 139, and diastolic blood pressure between 60 and 89. Your blood pressure should be controlled below 140 / 90 mmHg. You should monitor your blood pressure regularly. Also, you can improve your lifestyle to lower your blood pressure by eating a low-salt diet, stopping smoking and restricting alcohol, and exercising moderately. If blood pressure remains high, you should use some antihypertensive drugs which should be administered under the direction of a cardiologist, such as Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor, Angiotensin receptor blocker, β-Blocker, Dihydropyridine calcium channel blocker, Thiazide diuretic.

Sudden occurrence of pain in that area may be caused by pneumothorax. It needs to be confirmed by a chest X-ray or CT scans. Your blood pressure is high, but it does not cause pain.