My iron is thick. The end of my urine is thick.

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33 yr old maleat the end of my piss it's thick

3 Answers

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If you only have thick urine in the morning, it is normal in general, which is mainly related to diet and urine concentration at night. However, if you repeatedly have thick urine, accompanied by frequent urination, urgency of urination, an/or urination pain, this may be caused by urinary tract infection. It is recommended that you check your urine routine to eliminate urinary tract infection. Drink more water and urinate more at the same time.

You mean you have too much iron in your blood, which you think causes the thick urine? Have you taken any blood test? Are you affected by any other discomfort such as tiredness, abdominal pain or weight loss? If everything is OK, you can drink more water and urinate firstly. If the thick urine persists, go to see a doc.

Do you have abnormal urine color or is there any bubble or mucus? Thick iron may not influence the urine. You are suggested to do a urine test to see whether there is blood or infection.