What can cause these symptoms?

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I am 55 yrs old. Pain continues to get worse. Hardly have an appetite.  Tired constantly. Severe headaches. Pain never stops. Had complete hysterectomy 20 yrs.+. Only on my lower right side.

2 Answers

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For what reason did you get the hysterectomy? Cancers? If so, it could mean that the cancer is coming back and spreading to the brain, causing right lower side pain and the severe headaches. Cancer would also make patients do not want to eat or drink. At the very least an abdominal ultrasound scan and a head CT scan are necessary.

Hi, do you mean pain in the lower right abdomen? Do you also have loss of weight? With all your symptoms combined, you'd better take a PET-CT for examination. You may have more than one disease to explain your symptoms. Malignant things need to be excluded.