Age 87. Female. Hypothyroidism, on Armour Thyroid 180mg.

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I would like to know results of recent test.

Recent test: TSH,3rd Generation w/Reflex to FT4:

My Value: 0.06 mlU/L

Free T4:0.9 ng/dL

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Normal TSH 0.4-4mIU/l. Normal Free T4 0.9 to 2.4 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). So your main problem is a very low TSH, meaning that the Armour Thyroid you take may be too much. Your endocrinologist may suggest a slightly reduction of your Armour Thyroid dosages.
Hi Ann, as Kurt said, your TSH is low, which is a sign of overdose of Amour thyroid you are taking. Do you have tachycardia, frequent bowel movement, or get hungry easily, which are symptoms of hyperthyroid?

And you'd better consult your endocrinologist for the adjustment for the dose.

BTW, I feel that it should be 180ug rather than 180mg.