40 y/o female diagnosed with obstruction to artery. I have a lump in my throat and have bumps along my rib cage.

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Hi, Cristy. Do you mean coronary obstruction? Do you have any symptoms?

If your coronary artery stenosis is above 50%, you'd better take antiplatelet and lipid-lowering drugs under the cardiologist's instruction.

If your coronary arterial stenosis is above 75%, your doctor may perform stent surgery or coronary artery bypass surgery.

You need to actively control your blood glucose, blood pressure, and lipid levels, quit smoking and limit alcohol, and a low-salt, low-fat diet.

For your throat lump, it is recommended that you go to the otolaryngology for pathological examination.

Rib bumps may be caused by costochondritis, costal trauma, costal tumor, and rib deformity. You can take a chest CT scan to clarify the diagnosis.

Don’t think that they are related. What artery is blocked? How long have these lumps and bumps being present? Any symptoms? More stories about these lumps and bumps? Can you upload a picture of these lumps and bumps?

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2015 docs said they found spots on my lungs and a mass but turned out to be 2.4ml in size. But wasn't concerned not unless it moved or grew bigger. My chest always hurts and the last couple days I've been having stomach cramps up high under my breast. The lumps are along my ribs, some hurt some don't. The lump in my throat hurts often but not always. It feels like when I turn my head sometimes that there's not enough room. Tight and uncomfortable but comes and goes.
Hi, I guess you mean coronary artery obstruction.Your chest pain is more likely to be caused by the blocked artery, not the lung lumps. A blocked coronary artery causes angina, with clinical symptoms of chest pain and tightness. Not sure about your throat lump. Maybe you need to see an ENT doctor for this.
I still do not get which artery is blocked, and the relationship between the artery blockage and your lung nodules. Since your lung nodules are close to the ribs, it can be biopsied which could confirm whether the nodules are cancer or not. What did the doctor say about the lump in your throat?
It's been since 2015, docs weren't able to put a stent in without blowing the arterie. Went in through my juggler. My hands are always dark purple, like low blood flow, numb.