Could I have cancer?

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My TSH level is 0.16 I have swollen lymph nodes on both sides of my face under jaw area size of small grapes. Should I be concerned my thyroid has been being watched for years as I have 3 goiters/nodules on it.  59 Female Fatige, cold all the time, loosing hair, consitpation, lack of mental focus, muscle pain, weight gain, low energy, forgetfulness, feeling depressed

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That is possible. In addition, you may also have symptoms of dysfunction of the thyroid. Let me explain:1. The thyroid nodule + neck enlarged lymph nodes would surely raise the possibility of thyroid cancer, which is pretty indolent. So it can be watched for for 3 years with no changes found. Don't know how large the thyroid nodules are. If they are large, a fine needle biopsy can be performed to determine whether it is cancer or not.2. Your symptoms of hair loss, feeling cold and depressed, etc. are typical of underactive thyroid. Curiously, with an underactive thryoid, your TSH would be elevated, which is contrary to your current TSH status. So I am really not sure whether you have hyperactive thyroid or underactive thyroid function. The lab test results and clinical symptoms do not fit with each other.

Dear Sandy, it’s hard to say. Have you taken any medications? Your signs and symptoms show that you are affected by hypothyroidism. But an underactive thyroid commonly causes high TSH level, and yours is low than the normal range. Typically, if you're on medications like steroids, dopamine, or opioid painkillers (like morphine), you could get a lower-than-normal reading. Taking biotin (vitamin B supplements) also can falsely give lower TSH levels. Does the size of your swollen lymph nodes have become larger recently? If not, you needn’t worry. You should monitor it regularly or go to see a specialist to confirm.