I have COPD. They found nodules and black spots in the right lung. What does that mean?

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I am 59 1/2 years old. I am always coughing up mess. What is the cause?

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Your cough may be associated with the COPD. It is not a surprise. What is concerning is the nodules. They may be lung cancer or others. You need to see a lung specialist to exclude the possibility of early lung cancer.

How many nodules? How big are they? Did your doctor tell you the likelihood of these nodules being cancer?  Did you have these nodules on the previous lung CT scans? 

Since you have COPD, it is hard to say whether these nodules are caused by the COPD or something bad. The lung CT scan would provide some helpful information. If the likelihood of cancer is moderate to high, your doctor may ask you to repeat the CT scan 3-6 months later or refer you to a thoracic surgeon.