Bloody stool and stomach pain.

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Bloody stool and stomach pain

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Did you eat something bad? How long does the symptom exist? Do you have diarrhea? You are suggested to go to the ER if it bleeds a lot. If not, you can continue observing for a while. If the symptom still exists, you need to go to the ER to see exclude diseases such as alimentary tract hemorrhage, peptic ulcer, alimentary tract tumor, etc.
Is it fresh bloody stool or dark bloody stool? Is the blood on the surface of the stool or mixed with the stool? If it is fresh blood on the surface of the stool without anus pain when defecating, it may be internal hemorroid, if it’s fresh blood mixed with the stool without anus pain when defecating, it may be lower GI bleeding. If bloody stool with anus pain when defecating, it may be anal fissure or external hemorroid. If dark bloody stool with stomach pain, it may be upper GI bleeding, like gastric ulcer bleeding. You’d better take a gastroscope to confirm.
I was awakened with abdominal pain and tenderness. Diarrhea soon followed, I tried not to over stress by pushing too hard now I have pain with red blood diarrhea, no burning but a lot of belly tenderness. I ate food from a new place and made meatball sandwich, which tasted really good. Does celiac disease cause this or did I get food poisoning? I’m not vomiting or have the felling I need to. I’m in quite a bit of pain with a little bloating. Please a little help.... Thank you