My son has burning and itchy eyes and sensitivity to light, but no redness. Is this pinkeye?

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It might be. Drip eye drops such as sodium hyaluronate and levofloxacin eye drops to relieve the symptoms.

Pinkeye means the transparent covering of the eye gets infected by bacteria or allergy. It's very common. Redeye can often be self-treated after several days or weeks.

The most common symptoms are as follows:

    Red eye

    Irritation, itching, and a sensation of the presence of a foreign particle in the eye

    Watering eyes or discharge from eyes that is green to yellow in color

    Severe discharge in the night that makes opening the eyes difficult in the morning

    Blurred vision

    Light sensitivity

For diagnosis, the Dr will ask about the patient's history and look about the eye appearance. 

For treatment, self-care is the most common one. You can:

    Use a lint-free cotton cloth soaked in boiled water to wipe the lashes and clean off the crusts.

    Artificial tear drops may be used to reduce dryness and irritation.

    Apply a cold compress to soothe the eyes.

    Stop wearing contact lenses till your eyes are better

Sometimes meds are recommended: antibiotic eye drops or ointments and antihistamine eye drops.

If the patient's conditions go worse, see a Dr. 

It may be caused by conjunctivitis (pinkeye), allergy, xerophthalmia, corneal ulceration, trichiasis, etc.. For conjunctivitis and corneal ulceration, antibiotics are recommended to relieve the symptoms. For other causes, like allergy, and xerophthalmia, eye drops are useful. For severe trichiasis, operation is a better choice.