Half Pint Beer DOUBLES Your Chances of Hitting 90 Compared to Teetotalers

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Men who have half a pint of beer per day are 81% more like than teetotalers to reach a tenth decade, according to a study.



For women, drinking similar amounts can help them increase 1/3 chance of reaching the same target. And even for those who consume an amount of alcohol over the recommended health standard, 2/3 are more likely to live to that ripe age when compared to abstainers.


Researchers from Maastricht University recorded 5,500 people’s drinking habits and tracked them for over 20 years. The result showed “significantly positive associations between alcohol and longevity in men and women,” according to lead researchers Prof Dr Piet van den Brandt.



However, despite the positive outcome of the research, there are also many studies indicating that alcohol intake is not good for health. There’s not a clear conclusion on the effect alcohol consuming brings, so it’s better for non-drinkers to keep their habits still.


This may be the reason why the researchers claim their results “should not be used as motivation to start drinking,” although there’s a theory saying that moderate drinking is good for heart health.


It is recommended that you drink no more than 6 pints of beer, or 6 glasses of wine per week.


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a pint a day keeps the doc away and all is well.
My hus will love it.
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