Found a hard lump growing from inside the labia majora area. What could this be?

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47, female, no symptoms, current meds: levothyroxine, Humalog insulin, Atorvastatin

2 Answers

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Hard painful lump on labia majora can be a symptom for a type of cyst called Bartholin gland cyst. This condition usually occurs in the skin glands called Bartholin glands; hence, the term Bartholin cyst. Bartholin gland cyst is caused by certain bacteria and viruses that cause the lump to appear.

1. If accompanied by pain may be folliculitis,mostly caused by bacterial infection of hair follicles inflammation 2. vulva sharp wart:light red small particles with soft top, nipple-shaped or cauliflower surface. 3 Bartholin cyst:gradually get bigger. If small, no treatment. If big, operation is needed.