Coronavirus Cases in the US: New, Deaths, Total. Updated April 2

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The following map shows the coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in the US by states. The data are from state government websites. 


(Updated April 2)


By April 2, there are 241,293 cases of coronavirus reported by state websites. To see the exact number of coronavirus cases in different states, check the following table.



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im actally scared i think the government told china to make this virus :(
I went on Google because someone told me about the benefits of iodine. You know the red stuff that you put on cuts and sores. Surgeons also use it. Right before they make a incision. While operating on someone. Because it kills all the germs. So if you take q-tip and get some on the end. Wipe inside both nostrils. It could lower your chance of contracting it. Along with thoroughly washing your hands every hour if you are especially out in public. Try it. Its not a hole lot to ask.
My husband swears by it. So far he's been right. Burns like the dickens but we'll worth it, if u ask me!
Yep the Chinese government did tell its laboratories to make the deadly virus
Seasonal flu has 9x as many deaths as covid19
Yes I agree
I totally agree with you my thoughts EXACTLY!!! CHEMICAL WARFARE!
I saw a bumper sticker it said when you elect a clown you can expect a circus! Kinda what's going on only a bad circus!
Why are half of ALL CASES in new york?
We have to stop thinking of covid 19 as just the flu. This is a BAD flu that is KILLING the world. Stay home if you aren't an essential worker. If you are an essential worker thank you. Eat right, rest, stay away from alcohol. Get some protein in your body.
where is the proof???
I’m 65 yrs old female with high medical problems  heart attack cholesterol high blood pressure prediabetes hianal hernia asthma how lightly I’m I prone to get this corona virus here in Knoxville tn ? And also   Is this virus in the air we breathe? Thank you
Dont br an idiot
So glad you said that who would want anyone to die
Exactly! Everyone over 60 does NOT die.  A woman in China who is 103 got well. Another in China who is 101 got well.  Those are the oldest I know about.  Do what Leeanne said to do.  Mainly, just keep away from groups of people and get the things you know you will need for the future with the money you have.  Wash your hands as soon as you get in your car with those alcohol wipes or alcohol gel.  I didn’t know it until I checked the CDC website, but it’s normal for 700 people in the US to die of flu every year.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.
But the woman in China wasn’t just left alone to fend for her self! China actually treated their infected by antiviral meds (3 of them) PLUS they IVd plasma of the recovered patients to the thick ones, and that’s when the table turned.
DONT BET ON FDA APPROVING LIFE SAVING MEDS FOR REGULAR FOLKS. Only few and very special ones are getting the treatment, all the rest are totally on their own to die or not, NO ONE GIVES A DAMN ABOUT ELDERLY OR THE ILL!

I can’t get the test for my 71 year old mother to be approved, even through she had a close encounter with the COVID19 person who is in the hospital now. NO ONE GIVES A DAMN ABOUT ELDERLY! They’re viewed as a ballast to be thrown overboard ASAP with NO LIFE JACKET, not even a stick
China actually TREATED patients. USA FDA will treat only the special few. The rest of the ppl are SCREWED!
NOTHING FOR AMERICANS! Let them fend for themselves! God damn FDA!
Leeanne thanks for these words of encouragement that's exactly what we need. My prayers are for it to come to pass soon. Our ancestors survive typhoid, polio, and other viruses God hold the master plan and he is in control.
I am glad there are people who can actually reasoning but others don't. It saddens me to hear words of so much blame and hate but I can imagine that those people who come here with so much hate and blame have been raised without love or compassion! No wonder her choice of displayed name! SAD VERY SAD to see such!

I am not open this site to see such anymore and to those who really care jeep up the beautiful words that are carry powerful energy into the Universe!
Be healthy, strong and take care you all!

My heart goes for all of us inside this world with this virus and virulent's words!
If your watchful and sanitize your hands, stay away from crowds as much as possible! You should do just fine.  Lots of people have tested that they have had this in the past and got well and didn’t even know that this flu was what they had.  God is healer and can heal all that believe.  May you stay well In Jesus Name!! Amen
Absolutely 110% True that!!! I  Couldn't have put it more PERFECT.... Truly, Thank you You Took Every Word and Said Exactly what That "Ugly" Person Needs to Hear.That doesn't mean read, You NEED to soak these Words so True, and Really let that Sink In REALLL GOOOOD, and Hard. Bless You All Who Have Heart, Amen
Of course you are not serious,  or not sane.  I am going for the latter.
Go into one of these hospitals and see what is being done to protect life.
I never realized so many idiots existed. The panickers are every bit as disgusting as the creeps who could care less. Everybody wants to blame the government and that is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my whole gotdam life. A grown adult that has to be pampered and made to do something because they are too fucking stupid to follow simple instructions. Stop crying like gotdam babies and LISTEN for once in your spoiled rotten soft ass life. Instead of ME ME ME, think about the elderly and those who have compromised immune systems. To you IT IS ONLY THE FLU. To them it can be a death sentence. Put on your big boy/girl pants, pull your head out of your ass and STOP SPREADING IT !
I find it strange that they are preaching that anyone with a compromised immune system is vulnerable. So far I have not seen anyone in the medical field give any kind of method of enhancing the immune system.
Agree but those individuals are like the virus we have in society!
Anonymous, It is true that the elderly and people with a low immune system are more susceptible to catching a virus. But we, I'm in my eighties and, praise God, healthy, can catch any kind of virus.  Again, look up the CDC and take the advice they give us.  No need to panic, Pray and trust in the Messiah, our Savior Jesus Christ.  You can read about His birth of a virgin in the Old Testament.  Those of us, Evangelicals, who have religion have the peace that passes all understanding.

Here is something similar to what I emailed the CDC: May I make a suggestion?  Would it be possible that a law, an ordinance be made that children who are able to walk MUST NOT ride inside the grocery carts, ever?   It is unsanitary and a health hazard. Just think of what all they pick up with their shoes that end up in the grocery carts. The groceries and plastic bags with the vegetables inside get contaminated when laid in the carts. We take them home, lay the contaminated plastic bags on our countertops, get the small already contaminated plastic bag with the veggies in them and lay them on the kitchen counter.  Take the vegetables out of the small plastic and lay them on the contaminated counter. Some of the vegs. we eat raw.  It is unsanitary, and a health hazard, therefore, a medical expense for the public and country.  I have always felt this way and now more so considering this new Coronavirus.  The ordinance may even save lives.  I have seen teenagers in the grocery carts and being pushed by an adult.  I don't know, I like clean. I hope they agree and something is done about it. We'll see.  I wish everyone health.
I completely agree some of these people are just stupid fucks that think they’ll never die at some point...
Excellent  comment!
amen to that ray
Everything will be fine. Just a part of life. Trust in Jesus and live a respectful life. Just something that will help bring us together and we can defeat anything. Trust in our Lord Jesus Christ and live in peace without fear.
Amen, William, our trust in the Lord will carry us through.
dont be saying amen now when you said the f word 2 times to people
this website is so full of goofballs, why read it?
Somebody, you are so right about all these goofballs.  I laugh every time I read your comment.  LOL!!
I am 72 and seem fine.  I got the flu vaccine shot but was wondering if I should get the vaccination for pneumonia while I am still healthy?
if you havent had one yet you should after age 60 you only need one and it will be good for the rest of your life.your dont want to get pmeumonia
Irene, Yes, I think you should.  I got both at the same time on my Drs' suggestion.. you'll probably get some soreness, redness on the area and may even a slight fever.  Take Tylenol or whatever you use for headaches.    I thought everyone got both shots at the same time.  Some years ago, I got the flu and thought I was going to die, I wanted to die.  All because I thought I did not need stupid shots.  I learned my lesson. Stay healthy.
Some people told me this virus came from the biological warfare.
Population of United States is about 330 MILLION. Total infection rate is quite small overall. check your own state and county if you have serious fear.
It's these idiots who insist on traveling that are doing it.
How many DEATHS?Why aren't  they reporting that 58000 out of 80000 have recovered in China with NO vaccine
The number of deaths has been added in the updated form today.