China Starts Human Trials of Potential COVID-19 Vaccine This Week

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On March 17, Reuters reported that China has given approvement for researchers to begin human safety tests of an experimental coronavirus vaccine to fight against COVID-19. The virus has caused more than 80,000 people ill and 3,245 deaths in China. In the US, more than 5,000 people are infected so far. 



Researchers at China's Academy of Military Medical Sciences, which is affiliated to the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), received approval to launch early-stage clinical trials of the potential vaccine starting this week, the ruling Communist Party's People's Daily reported on Tuesday.


In the “Phase 1” test, researchers will examine whether experimental shot is safe in humans. They plan to recruit 108 healthy people to take part between March 16 and December 31.


Experts at the World Health Organization say they do not expect any fully tested and approved vaccine to reach the market until the middle of next year.


Meanwhile in US, drugmaker Moderna said on Monday that the first batch of its vaccine against the coronavirus is ready for the government to start testing on humans. The clinical trial is expected to begin with 20 to 25 healthy subjects by the end of April to evaluate the vaccine's safety and efficacy against infection. The first results can become available as early as in July, according to a Wall Street Journal report.


However, it could also take a year for the Moderna vaccine to clear regulatory hurdles and become widely available.


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Funny how all of sudden make a drug that might help virus . But can’t make a drug to help with cancer. Sure this is all government controlled. Why make a drug for cancer when it making billion dollars probably a year really don’t know. If the virus was in China why didn’t they stop travel right away.
I believe that people should try to go with vegetarian life rather than cannibalism due to the spread of infectious diseases from animals and maybe we wouldn't have all these viruses and I also believe that if we took better care of the environment that it would also factor into the health of everything around us. The way the environment is in Hong Kong is absolutely ridiculous. When you wake up on a normal day and have to wear a face mask just to go outside of your house that just seems outrageous. It just seems crazy that they can't seem to figure out a way to filter the air better or something I mean I think as a group and a union as human beings I think everybody really needs to think about what we are doing to the place where we live seriously.I think it's great to have a cell phone and the internet too but to have to go back in time and just work a little bit harder walk down the street to talk to somebody or whatever..., whatever the cost may be to make the place where we live a little bit better I think that that's what we really need to be concerned about. even if we just have to put the cell phones and internet away just for a little while just to give the earth a break let it breathe let it grow back to life that it needs
if on a random day you are like its a beautiful day  and then switch the news and then you go was a beutiful
The root cause of all of Earth's problems is overpopulation. Our problems are only going to get worse, guaranteed.
The United States has learned to control its population but the rest of world is migrating here because of over population in their own countries. Eventually our way of life will be changed by this overflow of the population. As you can see Cocation Americans have become a minority here.
Didn't we fight wars so we didn't have to speak German now we gotta fight the same thing every day here just to speak English I can't go to certain places and know what is going on in my own country. UNBELIEVABLE!!!
There is a vaccine for cancer. We are left in the dark and lied to by government. Complaining will not solve it. We all need to get more proactive at sending the message with the use of voting blocks. I wish you peace and good health.
There are those who would say that COVID-19 is actually putting a dent in that problem.
they didn't stop travel as soon as possible probably because the virus was just beginning and before we knew it people began leaving china not knowing they possibly had the virus, as soon as people in wuhan found out about corona they got up and left. China even tried to stop it from spreading, but it didn't work out, as you can tell.
Ok this is fesabal and capable.
Maybe you should BE FIRST TO TRY IT OUT
Celena -I hate to tell you-everything that comes from China has chemical in the products. Look at your ingredients when you buy something from China. Do you remember they sent toys over to USA that had lead in the paint.Dont wait for China to create a vaccine- We have wonderful Scientists here. But one thing is correct. There
has been a cure for Cancer treatment a long time ago.. But the Government is not going to tell you that-  we would not send our money to fund St Judes Hospital and research Labs.
 The Government wants all of us in this world to think we are stupid. So just keep donating money feed the hungery,etc. See the Government keeps investing our money on properties and buildings we just let dit there empty. To everyone that is struggling-  Stay safe, Trust God. Get out and Vote. We need a change. Someone that is for us the people. The men and women who have worked hard, retired, then a few years later you get kicked off your property because the government need to build a freeway to come through your
Property. This world will get stronger because God says he will make us stronger. Lets fight for better health care for all and get the cost down on medications. We can do this. We have control..not the senate and not the president
 When i was a nurse we had the best medications that cured the sick. The meds didn't make you Dizzy or sick. It cured the pain and you were off to work.  Lets vote..And God will do the rest. God Bless

The ChiComs lie about everything, Human trials? I wonder who they 'volunteered' for this facade?

China has nothing good for the future of the world. How many times do they have to prove it?

It is human nature not to see the evil that is happening around us.This denial would destroy us. I believe we are children of GOD and must pick which direction we want our future generations to believe. The bible tells us this. Many however don't know where to start. Maybe start by finding a bible based church that you can follow on TV or YouTube. Find a bible app. I have BLB, which has different features I like. I like Dr. Charles Stanley. He takes parts of the Bible each week and explains how it relates to our every day situations. What God expects of us. The power of God far exceeds the power of evil. We must start living a Godly life. God does things in his time frame. Even when we feel he's not listening he is. Just remember God is in our heart and souls. Don't accept a religion that accepts Lucifer. Stay away from cults. Just remember God wants what is best for us. When you pray, ask for forgiveness for your sins. Learn to be humble, and follow the golden rule. Ideally don't wait till you are desperate. Talking to God and
living a Christian life will bring you inner strength, love and peace far exceeding anything else you may experience in your lifetime.