Why does my daughter's whole body keep jerking and won’t stop?

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she is 9 and she’s a female she takes no medicine

2 Answers

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Hi. It  was called involuntary movements. There are several potential causes for involuntary movements. In general, involuntary movement suggests damage to nerves or areas of your brain that affect motor coordination. However, a variety of underlying conditions can produce involuntary movement.

In children, some of the most common causes of involuntary movements are:

hypoxia, or insufficient oxygen at the time of birth

kernicterus, which is caused by an excess pigment produced by the liver called bilirubin

cerebral palsy, which is a neurological disorder that affects the body’s movement and muscle function

Kernicterus is now rarely seen in the United States due to routine bilirubin screening of all newborns.

Make an appointment with your doctor if your child are experiencing persistent, uncontrollable body movements and you’re unsure of the cause.

Does this occur suddenly? Does she has a fever? Your daughter’s condition is called chorea. It is a movement disorder that causes involuntary, unpredictable body movements.The most common cause for a chorea in a children is rheumatic fever (Syndenham's chorea). Your need take your daughter to see a neurologist.