I was diagnosed with gangrene of the appendix and was told I had a lot of pus. Was I cured?

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Im 50 a female. No medication. Strong pain left side and above my naval it hurts was operated and was told i had gangrene apendicitis with alot alot of pus was sent home with a bottle of antibiotics 3 month later the pain is ubearable

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Your appendicitis is the most severe type, with appendix gangrene. Surgery is to remove the pus and cut the appendix. It is not normal to have severe pain 3 months later. It is imperative that you call your surgeon and get an abdominal CT scan. It is likely that this is related to post-surgical complications.
I appreciate your response , all I was told after my surgry was that I had gangrene on my appendix and that there was a lot but a lot of pus,and the good news was no cancer, I was givin antibiotics and sent home,nowit hurts bad I have a burning sensation above my bellybutton and severe pain on my left side , 2nights ago a woke to a loud pop and much pain my husband heard the pop sound I thought my intestine had burst, im the type that hates to go to hospitals 25 yrs ago I tested dirty and ever since I have been treated like some looking to get pain medicine it took them 6 hrs toattend to me and that's because I started yelling from pain cuase it wasn't only on my side anymore but my whole stomache hurting  , now my side swells up and it hurts really bad. thank youfor hearing me out I just need to tell someone my situation, THE U HAD A LOT BUT ALOT OF PUS is wat got to me
Thanks for the feedback about the intestinal pop thing. It is likely that you have bowel obstruction, which is a common complication following abdominal surgery. I know that you hate hospitals, but this condition does entail medical intervention.
thank you so much, I thought it might be that . my mother 85 yr old had the same thing gangrene on her appendix and 2yrs later she was diagnosed with the same thing obstruction of the intestine , thank you so much for your time and the quickness in answering it is a relief to be able to ask someone and get and actually get an answer

Hi. Do you have a fever now? You mean you have a heavy pain in the left side of abdomen. The left side of your abdominal area contains your stomach, part of your pancreas, left kidney, and part of your colon. Most cases of left-sided abdominal pain are short and nothing to worry about. Does the pain come and go? If the pain persists or worsens, you need to take an abdominal CT scan to confirm the cause.