Is 98.8 normal temperature in armpit?

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58y male. Temp 98.8 armpit. Cold symptoms.  Traveled from Honolulu through LA and Chicago To Cincinnati, OH 4 days ago. Hx Diabetic, ULcerative Colitis.  Metformin, Balsalazide, Fenofribic Acid, Junuvia, Pantaprazole, Simvastatin, Singular, Losartan.

2 Answers

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It is considered as normal. In grown adults, a normal temperature can range from 97.8°F to 99°F, or between 36.5°C and 37.2°C.

You have cold symptoms now. You'd better stay home and limit contact with others for 14 days.

Normal axillary temperature would range between 97.6 degrees and 98.1 degrees Fahrenheit. You have a fever. It is really impossible to tell whether you just get a common cold, or a flu or even the coronavirus. You can get tested for the flu and coronavirus. If you do not want to get tested, that’s also probably OK as even if it's the worst case—the coronavirus, the majority of those with coronavirus (>90%) have mild symptoms and no treatment is required.