I normally have high blood pressure but sometimes it drops below a hundred and I get so tired and lose consciousness.

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I’m a 73 year old male. I take lisinoprol , metoprolol, 81 aspirin. I had a stroke June of 19, blockage right side of brain , lost use of left arm, leg and face. Was given TPA at Hosp and had total recovery in about four hrs. I’m active , in fairly good shape.

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You have a history of cerebral infarction. Generally speaking, low blood pressure is dangerous for you, as it may induce cerebral infarction in your case. If you have physical weakness and lose consciousness, you need to check the brain MRI to exclude stroke. Keep monitoring blood pressure to avoid cerebral ischemia attack.

So your main concern is blood pressure fluctuations. The importance of a steady blood pressure is now gaining more recognition. I think you may need to see a cardiologist to reschedule or switch your anti hypertension medications. Additionally, you are now only taking one drug (lisinopril) for blood pressure control and you experience hypotension. Maybe your doctor would recommend you discontinue this drug.