Does pollen or dust irritate your throat and chest/esophagus?

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Does Pollen/ dust irritate your throat and chest/esophagus. 35 years of age

Scratchy throat, irritated chest, occasional mucus, Occasional cough. and the medications I’m on our Suboxone, clonazepam, metoprolol

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Yes. Pollen and dust can cause throat irritation. A pollen allergy causes the hormone, histamine, to be released in the body, causing inflammation and irritation in the throat. Once the throat swells, it becomes increasingly sensitive and agitated. The best treatment for a sore throat from a pollen allergy is to avoid pollen exposure and treat the allergic reaction with an antihistamine.

Exactly! This is especially true for those who are allergic to pollen/dust. Even if you are not allergic to pollen/dust, the dust and pollen would be inhaled into your respiratory tract, causing irritation and local inflammation.

Yes. Pollen, dust, mites are extremely common allergens that would irritate your nose and throat. The allergy would also cause esophagus involvement. The best treatment is to avoid these allergens as much as you can.