Itch on back 3 weeks ago that has spread and now burns and is spreading to face and limbs.

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65 yo woman.  Been on ppi lansoprasol 30 mg a day for approx 4 years.  Have also been in Rhythmol 225 mg 2 times a day since 2009, but have been weening off. What seemed like a dry itch on my back has spread to front trunk and is now burning sensation is spreading to arms & legs and beginning to feel in my face.  Becoming painful.  Video visit w dr. yesterday. Prescribed oral anti fungal medication....

Numbness in bottom of left foot toe area, not sure if related  image

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The doctor prescribed you antifungal meds. So, did you get a diagnosis of fungal infection? Do you have any rash or skin lesion? Do you have diabetes mellitus? Or did you touch anything you may be allergic to? You are suggested to try the antifungal med and antihistamine meds first.

It might be the side effect of the lansoprazole. It can lead to itchy and skin rash. Another possible condition is an allergic reaction. And you can take oral antihistamines to treat it. By the way, if the signs get worse, go to the ER ASAP.