What risks of cancer do I face, if I don't get a hysterectomy?

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My age is 39, my symptoms are excurusiating pain in my ovaries, my uterus, and pelvis. I had this debilitating disease since I was 20 years old. I also have pcos, and a fibroids. The pain is unbearable every day. My body reject all oral contraceptives.

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Hysteromyoma is a benign tumor. The main harm of hysteromyoma is that it leads to long menstrual period and anemia.

Because of the long-term anovulation, the patients with polycystic ovary syndrome will have adverse effects on the endometrium, which increases the possibility of endometrial cancer.
Hi, did you go to see a gynecologist for your pelvic pain? is it chronic inflammatory pelvis? Did you try pain killers? I don't think hysterectomy would solve your problems. And it's hard to say whether this will cause cancer.