How can I stabilize a potential broken foot bone until it’s safe to go to red during this scary time?

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I have AVN I heard the sound of a bone breaking in my foot I don’t want to go to the Ortho specialist during the coronavirus time

Ho can I stabilize it for now? Ace bandage is all I can think of...

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Hi Kathleen, you can still go to the doctor with protective measures such as washing hands and cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Not every hospital treats patients with 2019-nCoV. You can also go to a nearby urgent care for a brief management. If you don't, you can also put splints on both sides of your foot to stabilize the fractured bone, which is better than ace and bandages. By the way, apply NSAIDs such as ibuprofen to reduce the injury-related inflammation, which will promote tissue healing.
Sorry to hear that. I think seeing an ortho specialist in time is the best way. You may be unable to wrap the bandage as accurately as the specialist would do. Doing it wrong will result in deformity and your bone may malfunction. So, wear a mask and go to the hospital for treatment.
Thank you!