With pleural effusion, should I get a pneumonia shot yearly?

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I am a 72 years old, female with low bouts of asthma

2 Answers

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Typically, for adults who are 65 and over and are otherwise healthy, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention currently recommend a one-time vaccination with the pneumonia shot and no booster shots. However, many doctors do give a second shot 5 to 10 years after the first shot. As the pleural effusion could increase the susceptibility of pneumonia, I recommend you get the shot, but you need to consult your doctor about the details.
Yes, but it is advised that you get this vaccine after you have recovered from this pleural effusion. You should not get the vaccine if you have the following conditions:

1. You are severely allergic to it.

2. You are not getting well. People who have a mild illness, such as a cold, can probably get the vaccine. People who have a more serious illness should probably wait until they recover.

3. You are pregnant. Of course, this does not apply to you.