Why am I having muscle spasms/cramps in my entire body all of a sudden?

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Age 75 in good health & weight; active; take Benazepril & Hydralazine to control blood pressure.

3 Answers

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You may have systemic muscle spasms due to excessive exercise. Muscle spasms refer to the sudden, involuntary and strong contraction of the muscles, which can cause muscle stiffness and pain. You should avoid intense exercise. Get sufficient hydration and electrolyte supplements. You can also do moderate outdoor activities to promote calcium absorption. Sit properly to avoid pressure on nerve vessels.
It sounds like seizure. Did you experience this before? Do you have a family history of seizure? You can go to see a neurologist. EEG and cranial MRI should be done to find out the possible causes. It might be hard to catch the evidence, if you are not experiencing seizure during the examinations.
It may be myotonia or epileptic seizure. It is suggested that you do EMG and EEG to clarify the reason.