Can I lance an abscess at home I got from missing a shot of oxycodone?

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I'm a female 38 I have a huge abcess on my right hand I have been doing hot compresses soaks in hot water with ebson salt this isnt the first time it's happened just the first on my hand I'm an IV user drug  of choice opiates I'm in good health otherwise hand is red large raised abcess closed my temperature is normal.

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Hi Jenn, how large is that abscess? I'd recommend you do it in a walk-in clinic, which ensures a sterile environment. Besides, maybe it is necessary for you to take some antibiotics to prevent it from getting worse.
I'm Jennifer and my abcess has now popped but. I think the core is still the left side of my hand is still swollen it's now open and draining, I'm scared to go to the er because of the corona virus what should I do
It takes time to recover. You can go to the recent urgent center, where there are not lots of patients. Not every clinic has nCov patients. Or you can go to the pharmacy to see whether they have some recommendations for you.
I have been where you are. To be honest, you need to seek medical treatment.  However,  I have lanced my own before w/ no problems. I also have had to seek medical treatment because it would not come to the surface. You need to soak your hand in HOT (as hot as you can stand it for 2-6 hrs) Epsom salt water to draw it to a head. The longer you soak it the more it will draw. You will have to keep changing out your water so that it stays as hot as possible.

 Also if you take a slice of raw potato and lay it on top of your hand  (change the piece out as needed) it will help draw it. Not while soaking.  I've even heard of people using pork fat back  to draw abscesses.

If it is too deep and does not start rising to the surface within 7 days after you missed,  you'll need to go see Dr.   Also, if the swelling increases and IF YOU START SEEING RED LINES RUNNING UP YOUR ARM TOWARD YOUR HEART, you need to go immediately to ER or UrgentCare... You can cause permanent nerve damage, lose the use of your hand, have to have an amputation or possibly get sepsis and die.

I have been off the needle for almost 3 years and I'm very grateful. I was on heroin and Opanas and any other type of opiate you can think of. My husband and I both were and we are now clean. I will be praying for you.

Turmeric, neem, Echinacea and Goldenseal are herbs that purify the blood and fight against infection.
Thank you. My abcess has now opened up and alot of puss and blood came out but half of my hand is still swollen and sore and I'm still not running a fever no red streaks do u think I should still soak if it's open. I feel like the core is in there. I'm afraid to go to the hospital because of the corona virus