I fell flat on my left chest. I’m sore three days later - am I OK?

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I’m female 55 years old. Seems bedsore on chest and scapula area but can lift arm ok.  Some discomfort when Ibyaje a deep breath but I can tolerate it.

Just took Advil.

3 Answers

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Your symptoms may be caused by pleurisy, pneumothorax or other conditions. If you have obvious chest pain, you need to check the chest CT scan to exclude rib fracture and pleurisy.
Hi. I think it's normal and you can wait and see. If you're still concerned, go to the urgent center for further check.
It seems that there is no fracture in the arm according to your description. However, if the chest pain increases during breathing, you need to go to the hospital for further examination to exclude pneumothorax caused by rib fracture.