Could this be COVID-19? A question from a facebook user.

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I was near several people on April 1st. Two days later my temperature went to 99 and has been staying in the high 90's. Normal for me 97. Today (Wed) my BP is 143/76 (normal 102/60.) Sweat a lot at night. Could this be a form of COVID-19? Temp not high enough for testing.

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3 Answers

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That's possible, particularly if you had contact with people who had or have similar symptoms of fever and cough. You have only a mild fever. Fever in covid-19 can be either mild or high. There are also patients who do not have fever at all. Even if it is covid-19, your condition is mild and currently you don't need hospitalization. You just need to do self-quarantine to avoid transmitting the virus to your family members.
Your symptoms may be caused by an upper respiratory tract infection or covid-19. At present, your symptoms are mild, and you don't need special treatment. You need to isolate yourself for at least 14 days. Drink more water and exercise to improve your health.
Pitifully, clinical symptoms are non-specific for COVID-19. Probably a history of contact with confirmed or suspected patients or recent travel to an endemic area provides more useful information than the clinical symptom of fever. And, it has been found that about 20-30% of COVID-19 patients have no fever at all (