Pain in lower part of back but it's like the lower middle part to my right side.

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My name is Jessica and I'm 35 I had back surgery on October 30th 2019 on my disc 3 4 &5 but for some reason like the past couple days the lower part of my back has been killing me. Its like the lower part of my back but like from the middle of the lower back going to the right side of my lower back

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What surgery did you take? Have you followed up with your surgeon regularly? Do you feel pain when you bend forward? Do you have abdominal pain? Do you have urinary frequency or pain? You are suggested to do a CT or MRI scan to check your disc first.
Pain on the right side of my back around the center constant pain my name is Gary 65 years old
It sounds like a problem with the back muscle or bones. Better get examined by an orthopedic surgeon and get some tests, such as CT or MRI scans.