Wondering why my arms and hands are tingling, swelling like they are going to pop open. Itching also.

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I'm 39 year old female and I'm not on any medication. My arm's all the way to my hands tingling,swelling like they are going to pop and itch also.

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I guess your arm must have touched something that is causing an allergic reaction. It is known medically as contact dermatitis. Or it is a sunburn.  Both conditions would cause arm swelling, burning, redness or even blisters. The treatment involves avoiding the stimuli (such as the allergen or the sunlight), and cool compresses. Applying some skin creams, such as hydrocortisone cream would also help.
Are the tingling and swelling persistent? Or a brief pain that recurs? Do you have diabetes? Electromyogram could help you determine whether you have peripheral neuropathy.