What does a sudden drop in blood pressure after severe 4 hours of shivering and cold indicate?

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84 years/metforman{controlled] / metropolol / indapamide

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It is not good. Shivering and coldness mean that you will very quickly get a fever. This is most commonly caused by bacterial infections, which could lead to bacteria coming into the blood (blood poisoning). The low blood pressure is also a sign that your body is reacting to the infection. You may need to go to the hospital ASAP.
It's hard to say what caused it. What's your blood pressure level before? And what is your blood pressure level now?

Severe tremors and chills may be caused by fever. The obvious decrease of blood pressure may be a sign of deterioration of the heart function. This needs to be evaluated comprehensively. Therefore, you need to monitor your blood pressure many times. Pay attention to your temperature at the same time.