Migraine aura increasing to 3-4 a week. No pain, just partial vision loss.

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I’m 80. Had migraines from years 17 to about 60. Now I’m getting migraine auras. They are increasing to 3-4 a week. No pain just partial vision loss

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I have a question: Is it affecting one eye only?

A retinal migraine is a rare type of migraine that involves an aura. Unlike most migraines with aura, a retinal migraine affects vision in one eye only. These may consist of flickering lights or even temporary blindness. Visual symptoms tend to start gradually and last for up to an hour. You are suggested to see an eye doctor and take some medications.
Hello. Do you have any aura before every migraine attack? Does your aura occur in one eye or both eyes? It is possible that the vasoconstriction of the fundus may cause partial loss of vision during each attack. You should see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible to relieve the symptoms of vision disorders by taking drugs.