Effective Home Remedies for Gout

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Gout is a form of arthritis that causes inflammatory symptoms (pain, swelling, etc.) that typically appear in joints like the toe joints, knees or ankles. Gout is caused by accumulation of uric acid in blood, which can cause inflammation and discomfort. Though there isn’t any cure for gout, there are various home remedies you can perform to alleviate the symptoms during a gout attack. Listed below are some natural remedies for gout for your reference.



It is worth noting that home remedies are not equivalent to professional treatment. If the pain due to a gout attack is intense or enduring, please contact a medical professional for assistance.


Cold compressing the inflamed area


Ice works great in alleviating the pain you’re experiencing due to inflammation of the joints. It is typically recommended that you soak the affected parts in cold water or apply ice packs wrapped with towels on it to reduce the swelling and pain. Please remember not to apply the ice pack for more than 20 minutes to avoid injuries. The ice needs to be removed before you experience numbness caused by shortage of blood flow.



Consuming fruits 


• Cherries


Cherries are, according to various studies, a home remedy for gout with high potential. It is suggested that the significant amount of anthocyanins in cherries helps improve the inflammatory symptoms of gout. You can consume cherries of any form or species you like. For example, cherry juice and cherry extract are food supplements you can add to your diets.


• Celery


Celery is also considered as a natural remedy for inflammatory symptoms. Although there isn’t sufficient evidence that can prove celery's exact effects, it's a great veggie to try out because of its dietary values.



Taking a low purine diet


Our bodies can break down the chemical purine into uric acid, which is the direct cause of gout. Foods that are rich in purine include meat, fish, and alcohol. Therefore, if you are troubled by gout attacks, it is advised that you follow low purine diets and reduce your intakes of the above elements. Furthermore, taking the diet can help you lose weight, which is also beneficial against gout since it reduces the pressure your joints are experiencing.



Using pain relievers you can get over the counter


If you find the pain too hard to endure, you can obtain OTC pain relievers to help you pass through those difficult times. You can try pain relievers such as Advil or Colcrys, or those that your physician recommends.


The effectiveness of the home remedies above varies among individuals, so it’s recommended that you try out different strategies and determine which works for you best. Please remember that, as stated above, these remedies cannot replace medical treatment and that you should seek help when you find your situation severe.


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