Want A Lower BMI? Just Go to Sleep

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Evidences have shown that a sedentary lifestyle is less healthy than a physically active one. Staying at home makes exercise even more difficult because the couch lying in the living room is just so dear to you. Consequently, passing the whole day staring at the phone or TV screen seems to be more people’s alternative lifestyle these days.



However, a recent study has shown that moving from the couch to the bed, and to sleep, is more refreshing than spending hours sitting in front of a screen — and the same is true for doing light housework.


How the study went


Previous research has shown that US adults normally spend 75% of their waking hours being sedentary, including 90% of their leisure time. The percentages have been even higher in recent months.


Jacob Meyer of Ohio State University (OSU) led the research group to analyze data from the 2010–2015 Energy Balance Study at the University of South Carolina. 423 people aged from 21 to 35 took part in the investigation, their BMI values ranging from 20 to 35.



The researchers monitored the participants’ activity levels with the help of a tracking device, Sense Wear armband. They recorded each participant’s activity levels 24 hours a day for 10 consecutive days, except during bathing or swimming.


The participants’ height and weight measurements and moods were also recoded for accurate analysis.


Get more sleep


According to the results, it is helpful to escape from the couch, turn off the TV, and simply go to bed at night. Sufficient sleep is related to lower stress, better moods, and what’s best, having a lower body mass index (BMI).



Light activity


Most people may not consider housework as a kind of exercise, but they do more for you than merely being sedentary, the researchers claim.


“Light activity is much less intense than going to the gym or walking to work,” Meyer argues, “but taking these steps to break up long periods of sitting may have an impact.”


Light exercise and sleep can help us keep healthy when staying at home. However, the most attractive part for me is that even sleep benefits us better than sitting on the sofa. If you don’t feel like doing indoor exercises or housework, just walk to your bed and get some sleep.


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