I throw up after every meal, sometimes lots of mucus.

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Whithin 5 min. Of eating i get sweats and feel hot then i throw up .if i can keep food in for more than 5 min i will throw up large amounts of clear mucos. Feelbeter whithin 15 min.

2 Answers

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How long has this symptom been? Do you have dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing)? You are suggested to do a gastroscopy ASAP to exclude hiatal hernia, esophageal stenosis or tumor.
You need to see a gastroenterologist to have a gastroscopy and see if there is any stomach obstruction that blocks the food to move from the stomach to the bowel. For instance, in a condition called pyloric stenosis, the pathway from the stomach to the small bowel is obstructed, and the food ingested can not pass from this narrowing. As a result, the patient vomits all the foods eaten.